Dr. André J. Thomas

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Tallahassee Community Chorus 2013

Tallahassee Community Chorus 2013

Dr. Thomas's teaching is designed to challenge the students to achieve their maximum potential. This is accomplished through creating a positive learning environment that is structured toward success. In his particular area, students have to take risks, but they learn to take those risks in a safe atmosphere with tasks that are achievable given appropriate application and effort. Because people have different learning styles and varied experiences, he makes it a priority to accommodate individuality. Although extensive feedback is crucial, he has found that one of his primary goals is to teach for student independence. These goals are met by providing opportunities for students to practice and improve their skills. The hope is for students to gain an appreciation and a love of the subject matter as they become more knowledgeable and skilled.

From guest professorships at universities, clinic sessions for professional organizations, and teaching at Florida State University, Dr. Andre Thomas continues to implement his teaching philosophies all over the world.

Dr. Thomas has been the recipient of numerous teaching awards reflecting his expertise as a master teacher. Listed below are a few examples of his accomplishments:

  • The Florida State University Endowed Chair, Own F. Sellers Named Professorship (2000)

  • The Florida State University Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Distinguished Service Award (2000)

  • The Florida Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association Wayne Hugoboom Distinguished Service Award (1995)

  • Florida State University Office of Student Activities and Organizations Seminole Award (1994)

  • Florida State University Teaching Award (1993)

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Class of 2017


In 2013  unveiling of the Andre Thomas Stain Glass Window in Dodd Hall